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Our Testimonials

At A Stable Start, we strive to deliver the very best learning experiences for both children and their parents. Take a look below at what our partnerships have to say.

“Kirsty is dedicated, kind, patient and empathetic. Her approachable character made it so easy for us to have conversations. Sofia has not only made progress, but her confidence has grown a huge amount, meaning that she is now more engaged in her school lessons.”

Jo Alleyne 

"I have worked with Kirsty many of times over the last few years and she is amazing not only with her teaching skills but her compassion towards the children is second to none."

Debbie Rowe

"I have worked with this lady many times with various age ranges of children. I have found her to be a compassionate and understanding teacher who the children looked forward to coming in to their classroom. I would not hesitate to work with her again."

Sharon Davey

Sue Rickard

"Kirsty is a wonderful teacher. My daughter has special needs and has challenging moments. Kirsty always showed a lot of patience and also focused on positive behaviour and achievements rather than what didn’t go well. I would strongly recommend Kirsty to anyone who is looking for tuition for their child."

Kristie Williams

"I would highly recommend Kirsty as a tutor. I have had the lovely opportunity to work with this lovely lady. Kirsty is a wonderful teacher, who works well with all ages and abilities. She has the most amazing patience and will wait as long as it takes for a child to understand even the simplest of tasks and will always make them feel confident in what they can."

Karen Plumpton

Kirsty is a great teacher that my son has had the pleasure of having in his last year of primary school. She understands his disabilities and just gets him, so for anyone thinking of having their child taught by her I would definitely recommend her.

Young Students
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