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Equine Facilitated


What is it & what are the benefits?

Equine Facilitated Education has been proven to have a great beneficial effect on an individual's well-being, reducing symptoms of anxiety & helping to support people with special educational needs or mental health disorders.  

We provide opportunities (such as those pictured below) which support the development of several transferable life skills

(skills that a horse can often teach better than a person!)

Examples of these life skills include:

  • Increased self-confidence, 

  • Positive attachment & relationships, 

  • Improved communication skills,

  • A clear sense of responsibility and a genuine sense of personal achievement & meaningful contribution.


At A Stable Start we understand that as a result of these reciprocated & compassionate relationships between horse & human, we often learn to understand ourselves better.


Exploring Stable Management

Understanding Basic Animal Welfare

Practising Grooming & Maintenance

Equine Facilitated Education: Meet the Team
MC Hoof picking.png

Sharing Love & Compassion

Developing Cross-Curricular Links

Observing Hoof Care, Dentistry & Physiotherapy

Equine Facilitated Education: Meet the Team
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